Past Competitions


The Doubtless Bay Fishing Contest and Auction was successfully held again over the Northland and Auckland Anniversary weekend 2024 with increases in both contestants and auction attendees.

On the competition side the winners for the overall average weight fish categories were:

  • Snapper – John Collings
  • Kingfish – Daniel Jecentho
  • Crayfish – Dwayne Kitchen

The heaviest snapper caught over the weekend weighed in at 11.2kg and was caught off the rocks at Taipa Point by Bruce Rapene.  The top lady angler was Kayleigh Turner who weighed in a whopping 10.18 kg snapper, not only a personal record but as she said “even bigger than my dad’s best”. Well done Kayleigh and let’s hope Dad steps up next year.

A highlight of the weekend for many would have been the little man who was a little slow to start the run to the stage when the children were called up to collect the unclaimed spot prizes. As the melee of children dispersed, he was left to turn and trudge back to his parents with disappointment etched on his face and a quivering bottom lip. The quick-thinking MC grabbed a left-over prize and with the aid of the crowd turned the boy around to return to the stage. His disappointment was replaced by the widest grin as he raced back and, to the cheers and clapping of the crowd, received his reward.

This is truly the essence of this family and community event.

Enormous thanks to all the competitors, including those who bought tickets even if they were unable to fish. And to the hard-working volunteers especially

  • Friends of Lake Ohia Community Hall
  • Mangonui Volunteer Fire
  • Mangonui Lions
  • Eastern Rugby Club

Thanks to FNDC for their support, the naming sponsor Ray White, along with all our other sponsors, suppliers and ticket selling venues.  The event would never have been the success it was without you.  Please support them wherever you can.

Raa White